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Project: High Octane

Project: High Octane

The story takes place in the distant future where mutated lifeforms roam freely, attacking travelers at will. Due to the unsafe nature of the landscape, the inhabitants have adapted by learning the terrain and developing weaponry that can efficiently dispose of any threats. The story follows three girls, all of different species. They are in search of a rare gem found only in the twisted forest, beyond the dune sea.

Art Direction:
The girls represent all aspects of fire. From the Cold Red Flame to the Searing Hot Blue Flames. They also represent certain aspects of the female personality. Their clothes is expressive and exhibits movement. The aim is to be bad-ass, yet cute at the same time in a captivating manner.

Mel the Bunny (Rabbit): Orange Octane
Mel is a cutesy girl with an extrovert personality. She wields a giant chainsaw-broad-sword. The functionality of the weapon can either be attacking without the saw or revving it and mowing down enemies.

Kira the Fox: Red Octane
Kira is a serious girl with an introvert personality. She wields a Large Pistol that has a small dagger attached to it. The functionality of the weapon is to unleash devastating rounds with high muzzle flash and recoil that will decimate enemies.

Chloe the Panda: Green Octane    
Chloe is a curious girl with an extrovert personality. She wields a Large Compound Bow. The functionality of the weapon is to let off ranged attacks which cause explosive damage as well. She also wields a Large Compound Crossbow. The functionality is the same as said.

High Octane: Mel Concept

High Octane: Kira and Chloe 

 High Octane: Weapons

High Octane: Mel Turnaround

High Octane: Armor Render

High Octane: Dune Lizard Concept

High Octane: Re-design

Character and Concept by Augustus Allen

Referenced from:
- "Android Anthropomorphic's"
- Hell Boy "The Samaritan Pistol"
- The Punisher "Compound Bow"
- War Hammer "Chainsaw Sword"

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